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but how......?

Live Price

Instead of using chainlink oracles to calculate the ETH/USDC price, and achieve pure randomness among traits I used the power of the blockchain.

This is achieved by calculating the price from the ETH/USDC Uniswap V3 liquidity pool (0x8ad599c3A0ff1De082011EFDDc58f1908eb6e6D8).

The price is then used as a variable to render an emotion into the on chain svg.

Unique traits

No two frogs are the same. The pastel shades of each trait are created by hashing the trait id and token id then converting the hash to an hsl color code.

Note that this is not associated with the official Pepe. This is a eth/usdc price indicator that is paying homage to the popular meme in a unique way.
Made w ❤️ by mason.og